Everything you need to know about Agrigento, capital city of Italian culture 2025.





Two thousand six hundred and five years of history, which can be admired in the majestic Valley of the Temples, a world heritage site and in the historic centre, on the hill of Girgenti, rich in many interesting architectural aspects and museums, which exhibit the numerous artistic testimonies of the history of this city.

On this site two “MULTIMEDIA GUIDES” are available, by clicking on the images, which will help you to better visit, with a recommended itinerary, both the Historic Center and the Valley of the Temples, with photographic and audio descriptions (in 11 different languages) of the architectural aspects.

Clicking instead on the image: “AGRIGENTO 4 YOU” you will find everything you need for your pleasant stay in the city.

Undoubtedly the information, which we have included, is minimalist and for a possible deepening of them, the bookstores and libraries are equipped with excellent publications, which can help you find such insights.